It happens to be a popular belief, that true modern homes do not follow popular trends. Despite this notion, modern homes design predominantly set their focus on structural simplicity, order and functionality — monochromatic walls, basic materials and clean architectural lines are the foundation. We at Acumen Interior Designers pave the foundation for a modern home in an ecstatic feel and mannerism ever. The style of an intensive modern home focuses basically on minimalist and Bauhaus spaces, as well as grid-like glass houses. Modern interior design paves way for strong lines, a lack of ornamentation and minimal texture; it uses straightforward furniture and dramatic modern art to complement the stark architecture.

The moment you step in a modern house, you will notice that lighting is a key structural element that accentuates planes and highlights all the focal points. It would not be a lie if I say that designs of modern homes are more often than not a Love it or hate it style — many appreciate its minimalist, uncluttered feel, while others miss the warmth and variety found in other styles. Here at Acumen Interior designs, our designers hold proficiency in giving your house the most modern outlook that you could ever dream of.