Interior Design

Give a new look to the interior of your home

Interior designing and home decoration is something which makes a house worth living. It has its own importance and holds the best what your living space can get. Imagine a place where only walls are there with nothing else at all. Would you ever live in there? I guess no sane person would set their body for a long time into that space. This is where interior designing comes in handy and makes your house the home of your dreams. Thousands of middle class people in India have only one ultimate dream for their life. To build a home before they depart from this world. Just imagine the importance of interior design ideas in that respect. Isn’t that huge? Yes it is.

Imagine you reach your home after a long day at work. Suppose that you are all tired and exhausted after the whole hard work you have put in into your office throughout the day. Now when you reach your home, you do not find any furniture to keep your bag, any chair and sofa to rest your bum, any bed to have a sound sleep, the walls too are just plain with no designs or decorations, just imagine in such a scenario, how would you feel? Would you like it? Would you enjoy that treatment? Or would you want a beautiful and cozy house, err, I mean home? Think. I think I already know your answer. And it is very much obvious. You will want to be in a home which feels like a home, not just a building. That’s what our interior designers at Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and other adjacent areas of NCR do.

We have the best architects

We, at Acumen Interior, are up with the new construction and civil work with the best architects ever. Our architects are highly qualified from the best institutes of the country. Some of them are even internationally acclaimed. Our architects hold great proficiency in understand the market needs and demands. They put in a deep study of the whole setting of your house thoroughly, synchronize it with your taste and preference and then come up with extravagant designs which ultimately win your heart without any tinge of doubt.


If you are living in a home which is same as it was on 15th August 1947, and you want to give a fresh look, you need not worry. Our interior designers cover the whole nine yard to ensure you with the exact thing what you want from your home and give your home the exact face how you want and how you like it to be. With their all the experience put in into this process, they know how to remodel an old home and convert it into a brand new one. They have the potent to change your home so upside down that even you won’t be able to recognize it and you are bound to get amazed by the charm and elegance of it.

Suitable Design

Our highly qualified architects make sure that you feel comfortable and jubilated with the kind of work they put in into your home. In a way they make your nest where you will rest. So the design has to be such that it makes you feel good. In such a case, our laborious and creative architects construct designs that help you for your cause. We, at Acumen Interior, make sure that you are at ease and at the top of your comfort level.

Material and texture

To construct the house of your dreams, we use the best material and texture of those material have to be best in class. Constructing a home of dreams is not a cake walk. It takes a lot of thoughts, efforts and creativity to come up with the ideas which suit your needs and requirements and taste as well. And we have the complete package which gives you exactly what you want.


Whenever you lay down flat on your bed, the first thing which catches your attention is the ceiling above your head. And if that ceiling is beautiful, it gives you an immense feeling of pleasure and admiration. And it won’t be wrong to say that you sleep a bit better when you get yourself collected under such a ceiling. Our architects and interior designers are truly experts in making your ceilings worth setting your eyes on. They come up with the latest designs and latest methodologies to beautify your ceiling. And use of plaster of paris is one of those important designs.


After ceiling comes walls. Walls are something which is around you every minute and every second. And if the motif arranged on your wall is pleasing to your eyes, then that could add oxygen to your creativity and happiness. Apart from the designs on the wall, the paintings, the decorative and other things which makes your wall look better are also the proficiency of our interior designers.


After ceiling and walls comes lighting. A room should always be aptly illuminated. A perfect tone of the lighting is very important to set a perfect setting of a room. Apart from a tone, a perfect color of that lighting also holds great importance. And it takes a great deal of creativity to judge it. This is where our team is there to help you out.


After walls, ceiling and lighting comes the flooring. A floor which matches exactly with the tone of the walls and ceiling is very much an essential aspect. Also the color and friction quotient of the floor is like setting a backdrop to an empty canvas on which you are going to paint a masterpiece. Our team at Acumen Interior set that perfect blend of class and comfort for you.