Exterior Design

Convert your House into Home

Convert your House into HomeEveryone wants to have a home which holds a decorative finish to it, but more often than not, they need extra goods and material for decorative or weatherproofing purposes. For instance, a brick or stone wall is probably one of the most likable walls ever and it provides structure and finishes, but on the contrary, a wood frame or block wall is also very much a delightful sight and it needs to be stuccoed or covered in siding. Such things are mandatory. To be very much honest, for most homeowners, the engaging systems and techniques for these coverings become relevant only when they are faced with repairs. You will need to understand how these coverings are created if you want to match them on an extension, or if you wish to refurbish an entire section.

Things to Consider

Regulations and Permissions
We at Acumen Interior provide every type of structure and architecture that you can think of. We are a premiere exterior designer at Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and the adjacent areas of NCR. We have our expertise in covering exterior alterations vary from area to area, and according to the specific location of the existing building or to be made. Before your plans advance too far, make sure with your local authorities and homeowner’s association as to whether you need permission for certain things which you want to do to your home.

Selecting the right exterior cladding material is very important and it depends on your climate, personal preference, and budget. You need to check with your manufacturers’ guidelines and local codes to ensure the material you choose performs well over time. One factor in this selection is the apt fasteners for the material along with the condition of weather in your area. Most often, you will need to use rust-resistant nails for exterior work. But you need not worry about all these things. Our exterior designers take care of it all.

Wall coating

exterior-design-by-acumen-1Stucco is the fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations. This has the potential to be applied directly to blocks or bricks, or onto metal laths (sheets of wire mesh that help adhesion) to provide a decorative, weatherproofing coat that protects a wall’s structure. There happens to be many finishing options, which takes in count the smooth stucco, the smoothest of stucco finishes with some slight texture; Patterned stucco, a smooth stucco that can be tooled to produce various patterns; Rough, a uniform rough finish that is applied over smooth stucco; and Pebbledash, which is achieved by throwing pebbles onto damp stucco.

Not only that, some topcoats are loaded with extra features, just like amazing enhanced waterproofing properties, or suitability for finishing with outside-quality paint. And you will be delighted to know that we do it all for you.

Planning to have some eye-catching exterior to your home?
Stuccoing large walls are the right choice for that purpose but unfortunately, it is not a job for an amateur. For stuccoing large walls advanced plastering skills are required. And if you are not very experienced, we cover the whole nine yards to assist you in your endeavor of an attractive exterior design. For those less experienced or the novice who wants the look of stucco, Acumen interior is an option.

Make your home an eye candy

Siding is often found on newest houses, forming the outer layer of a wall and filling the cavities in it. Some homes are partially covered in siding for decorative effect — boards can be placed horizontally or vertically — but siding also performs a vital weatherproofing function. Boards have the option to be made of wood, but synthetic alternatives as the likes of fiber cement board, vinyl, and aluminum are also available. They can be painted and bear less maintenance expense than wood. Metal-based boards are usually attached to the house with special clips and channels, bought with the boards. And we at Acumen Interior ensure that your house delves in nothing less than a palace. And wins the jealous accolades and appreciation of all the onlookers.

Siding Products

Typically siding that is the one which is most prominent in use is installed from bottom to top, nailed to plywood sheathing through a building paper. Each product has the leverage of its own benefits and special installation instructions. These products and their use and installation can include tools and techniques for making installation more user-friendly, and some require air spaces or nailing strips. Such cases include feather-edge boards with breather paper and vertical furring strips; tongue-and-groove boards with ply-board sheathing and breather paper; shiplap boards; and shingles with vertical furring strips beneath horizontal strips.

More Beautification Options for Your Home

Vinyl siding; brick; fiber-cement siding with ply-board sheathing behind breather paper and vertical furring strips; and tiles with horizontal furring strips.

Green Cladding Options

You should and you must take into consideration the green options when choosing cladding for your external walls. Reclaimed wood could be the best option for you, for a case, or just do the bit to ensure that any new lumber you use derives its authority from a sustainable source.

Aluminum cladding which got its inception from recycled aluminum rather than a virgin source is another viable option. For clay tiles, visit a reclamation yard, as reuse is the most eco-friendly option and may save you money. While cement board is not the greenest option, if you are determined to use it, find manufacturers that use high quantities of recycled material. And we do it all with our exterior designs.