Classicism or classic interior design is a style which is developed in Europe in 17-19 centuries. Symmetry, sophistication, and appeal to antiquity are reflected in the Classic interior design. Classicism style – Classic style in the interior of the apartment – it`s a noble decoration, materials of outstanding quality, clear geometric shapes and refrains from the lack of useless objects.

Houses in the Classic style are really attractive due to their serenity and calmness of their colors and atmosphere of reliability and imperial feel. In today's date, classic interiors are picked up by wealthy people, with a refined taste preferences, as well as the other set of people who prefer the traditional and cultural values rather than running with the current fashion trend.
Some of the features of classic designs are:

  • Discreet cornices, columns, doors, and windows with clear outlines, marble fireplaces – all furnishings tend to rectangular form.
  • The color scheme of the interior is maintained in light pastel colors.
  • Niches of spacious rooms are decorated with statues, to hair’s breadth as in ancient times.
  • Classical ornaments depict oak or laurel leaves, Greek meander, but it can be seen a certain order and symmetry at their disposition.
  • Classicism in interior design implies the presence of arches, stucco, half-columns and columns.

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